If you’ve ever watched in awe as a professional dancer performed some feat that seems to deny physics and thought, “I wish I could do that!” you may want to look into weight loss by dancing. If there’s one thing that almost every dancer has in common, it’s that they’re in tip-top physical shape. Needless to say, they didn’t get to be that way without a lot of work. Dancing is a demanding physical activity, but it’s also a lot of fun, two ingredients for a great weight loss plan!

There are two reasons that people might be afraid to try weight loss by dancing. Either they’re too embarrassed to dance in public because they’re overweight, or they’re too self-conscious about their ability to dance in the first place. Fortunately, fitness teachers long ago learned the value of dance as part of an exercise program. Finding a dance class in your area is just an Internet search away.

No matter what style of music you like to dance to, there’s almost guaranteed to be a dance fitness class that makes use of it. Hip hop dancing, ballroom dancing, and even belly dancing classes can help you achieve weight loss by dancing. These classes aren’t like professional dancing auditions – they exist to teach, and will help you along the way. There’s no need to feel embarrassed or self-conscious when trying a dance class.

If you can’t overcome your fear of dancing in public, there are other options. Several dancing and fitness instructors produce videos and DVDs that can teach you how to dance and lose weight in the privacy of your own home. You can lock your door, pull the shades over your windows, and dance your heart out, burning calories all the way. If you stick to it, you’ll be able to go out and dance in public with fresh confidence.

There are even options for people who aren’t interested in traditional dancing styles, or those who seek a more competitive edge to losing weight through dancing. There are several dancing video games available for home video game consoles that many people, especially youths, have used to achieve drastic weight loss results. While this can be a pricey choice for people who don’t own a console, for some people it’s a perfect option.

This game works by scrolling arrows up the screen, while the player steps on a large pad in time with the beats. Easy levels provide a nicely paced, slow workout, while harder difficulties test the limits of a person’s quickness and staying power. These games generally score your performance, meaning there’s always a drive to perfect your performance, which is just what some people need.

The biggest complaint people have about trying to lose weight is that it can be boring and time-consuming. Working out gets you fit, but it’s easy to get bored with repetitive movements, and at the end of the day, you haven’t learned any new skills. Weight loss by dancing is a fun and interesting alternative to a day at the gym.